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Latest Update: February 1, 2005

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January 2005

Freddy didn't know what hit him. He already had an inkling of what it was about, but no idea that so much could happen all at once: Father Christmas and snow, all the aunts, uncles and cousins he could wish for - and so many presents, all amazingly for him! Then a day later it happened all over again down at the farm in Somerset. Here, it was Grandaddy's motorbike that had to be hauled upstairs and parked overnight at his bedside.

Summer 2004

We are just waiting for Freddy to write his memoirs to go with these superb pictures from Arthur who called in to check up on Freddy recently.

The other snapshots are by his mother (not yet a professional photographer). Freddy is now three years old (at last the chance to strut about in his cowboy gear from his fans in America) and we celebrated with a quick trip to Greece.
By co-incidence, he has just been discharged from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital who are now perfectly happy with him.

"About the Author"
"About the Author"

December 2003

It's nearly Christmas and Arthur came along to see how Freddy was getting along. Now that he is a Terrible Two Arthur had good reason to expect the worst, but luckily Freddy posed for the camera as if he was royalty, and Arthur being Arthur is of course able to make him look a lot more of an angel than he really is.

Happy Christmas!

Love from Fiona, James & Freddy

Freddy Wickham

28th July 2003.

It's all action these days. The boy gets everywhere, spouting streams of mostly unintelligible verbiage. As an instinctively naughty little boy, and now habituated to tickings off, he has even taken to slapping his own hand and admonishing himself with no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no as he is prised off window ledges or extracted from the washing machine. He also seems to enjoy strangers remarking on what a pretty little girl he is - so the curls are at last having to come off, something his mother has resisted for rather too long (like the hair).


James and Fiona.

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