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December 17th 2002.
Arther MBECongratulations and a very Happy New Year to Arthur from Freddy, Fiona and James! At last Arthur Edwards, who has been Freddy's personal photographer all this time, has been rewarded for his services. The queen has made Arthur, also The Sun's royal snapper, an M.B.E.


December 17th 2002

Well it’s nearly Christmas now and Freddy is crawling like it’s an Olympic event. Thanks to his grandmother he has also learned how to pout. Regrettably he has not been given any further instruction about when one should pout, so it seems to have stuck as a form of greeting even to his friend Arthur.

In the meantime we have just returned from a relaxing time in Florida and Tennessee where Freddy pouted and smiled at all the right people. He was spoilt rotten by all his American friends, and by none more so than the Adams family.

It has been something of a shock for him to return to his dark and wintry homeland, where you have to wear socks all the time, and where no one goes to the diner for breakfast, says how’re y’all doin’ or tells you how cute you are. … which is probably why the pout is threatening to become a permanent fixture.

James and Fiona.


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