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Latest Update: February 1, 2005

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29th August

Now that he's almost 1 year old, it may seem a bit late in the day for Freddy to get baptised (though only just enough time to get house and garden in order for his party). Arthur came along not just to take the photographs but to make sure we did it all properly - so we trust he is now reassured.
It all seemed to go rather well: the sun shone, everyone arrived on time, the godparents were magnificent (with Philip and wife Maria Teresa coming all the way from the US to do the honours), evil was renounced and the traffic wardens were disappointed.

A big Thank you to everyone who came and left such a mountain of presents for Freddy - a real embarrasse de richesses of playthings and keepsakes to keep him busy for a very long time

Love, James, Fiona and Freddy

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