Freddy April 7th

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April 7th

The boy is walking! So Arthur kindly dropped in with his cameras to come and
see for himself. Freddy re-scheduled his morning nap (something he's quite
practised at) to prove it, if a little sleepily.

Nothing is now safe: house keys get put out with the rubbish, mobile phones
are posted in the dishwasher (now permanently confused by the constant
prodding of midget fingers), the bedside radio is apt to announce itself at
full volume at 2am, or the emergency services summoned to the sound of heavy
baby-breathing. Anything which can't be unplugged is liable to end up in the

Arthur, as always, has snapped some terrific shots. But as you can see,
it's still a bit too long a walk to make that first visit to the barber.

James and Fiona

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