Rex's Malaysia Photo Album

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Malacca House 2

Malacca House 1

A Junk in River Mouth

Jungle Walk 5

Jungle Walk 4

Jungle Walk 3

Jungle Walk 2

Jungle Walk 1


Family Pic overlooking KL

Jeanette with a spot

Jeanette on the ship

Jeanette in Penang Temple

Jeanette & Dad on the ship

Jeanette & Dad in Tea Plantation

Jeanette & Christopher

Gents Sign

Dragon at Cave

Dad holding Pitcher Plant

Coconut gathering

Chinese Sign

Cameron Highlands View

Cameron Highlands Summit with Paula

Camaron Highlands Hotel

Batu Caves 3

Batu Caves 2

Batu Caves 1

Bamboo Storage Place

Baba House

Abandoned House

A' Fomosa

Workers on a boat

Temple on Penang 3

Temple on Penang 2

Temple on Penang 1

Tea Plantation 1

Statues in Cave

Round Window

Round Window with Jeanette

Pretty Jungle View


My Trusty Steed

Malacca Street 3

Malacca Street 2

Malacca Street 1

Malacca River 2

Malacca River1

Malacca Mosque

Malacca House3

Train to KL from Singapore

Tioman Island

Tea Plantation Cameron Highlands

Tea Plantation

Singapore Street

Penang Island

Jeanette in cablecar in Singapore

High Pines interior

High Pines in Frasiers Hill

Regalis Court (Singapore)

Me on Penang Beach